Pierre Herme – Paris


Don’t be fooled by the dainty looks. These macarons are cutting edge, with unexpected combinations of sweet and savory. Chocolate and foie gras. White chocolate and truffles. Grapefruit and wasabi. Chestnut and green tea. Get the picture?


We stumbled on this tiny shop along Rue Cambon quite by accident.  After sleeping through the afternoon on our Day 1, we were hungry and wandered around the neighborhood in search of something to eat.


After one bite, we concurred that the long lines were justified. Aside from their unusual flavors, these macarons were light and soft, deflating quickly when crushed between the tongue and palate.

We ran through six of them in no time while browsing through the shops on Rue du Fabourg St Honore. Just enough to tide us over before dinner.

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~ by Jaded Fork on January 3, 2009.

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