Auberge du Neuland – Alsace


To get to Auberge du Neuland, one has to:

a. drive through a dark forest on the outskirts of Colmar

b. frantically call for directions when reaching a cross road with No Entry signs to the left, right and center

c. upon instructions of the restaurateur, ignore French traffic laws by forging straight ahead despite the round sign with the diagonal red slash

d. all of the above

Oh, what we do for food.

In contrast to its lonely existence in the middle of Chemin de Neuland, the place was well lit and buzzing with diners inside. After studying the blackboard menu set in front of us, we made our selections.

auberge de neuland snails wrapped in paper thin pastry

The amuse bouche was escargot wrapped in a paper thin pastry.

auberge de neuland chestnut soup with blood sausage ravioli and truffle essence

Chestnut soup with blood sausage ravioli and truffle essence. Okay, the plating could have been neater, but I easily overlooked that since it tasted great.

auberge de neuland sauteed duck foie gras with apples

Sauteed foie gras with slices of apple. Nicely seared liver that couldn’t really go wrong with a classic pairing.

auberge de neuland grilled iberican pork with mushrooms

Grilled Iberican pork with mushrooms and mashed potatoes (not pictured). Fatty and succulent, exactly how I like my pork.

auberge de neuland boiled beef with bone marrow and crudite

Boiled beef with marrow and crudite. A little like pot au feu, but with different kinds of vegetable slaw.

After our dinner, the chef stopped by our table for a chat. He mentioned living in New York for five years and working at such esteemed establishments like Le Cote Basque. He returned to France and opened this restaurant a little over a year ago.

Two things I’ll remember about Auberge du Neuland: 1) Getting there is half the battle. 2) A hearty and pleasant meal at a moderate price makes it worth the effort.

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~ by Jaded Fork on February 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Auberge du Neuland – Alsace”

  1. I would love to go to Alsace and visit this restaurant!

  2. Excuse me, couldn’t the plating been neat but the liquid moved en route to your table? When I watched a food photo shoot, the soup was poured onto the bowl at the table of the shoot. Kase when it was poured elsewhere, the soup moved.

    • yes, soup is mostly served tableside for this reason, and I believe it was in this case. Just a small nitpick from me after i looked at the photos. Didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the meal. It wasn’t the kind of place where you were paying an arm and a leg to warrant such scrutiny.

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