Chagny Market – Burgundy

Sunday is market day in the town of Chagny, twenty minutes south of Chassagne Montrachet. It’s 9:30am and the vendors have just finished setting up their wares. The stalls on the outer edges mostly sell clothing or provencal fabrics for tablecloths and curtains. We snake past them in search of food. As with many other greenmarkets, it’s all about seasonality and variety.

Apricots from Provence.

Charenteis melons, thin-skinned cantaloupes that don’t travel well.

Local Burgundy cheese on sale, including the famous epoisses. This aggressive washed rind cheese will dominate your regrigerator if you don’t keep it well wrapped.

A dizzying array of sausages. There must be over thirty varieties on this table.

Even garlic has several permutations.

This conger eel and baby shark are scary not just because of their beady eyes and scowl but also due to the fact that they’re baking under the hot Burgundy sun with minimal ice.

We had sampled Poulard de Bresse last night at Le Chassagne. Now we see them in the raw, with their signature blue feet tucked neatly inside the cavities of their white bodies. They are so highly esteemed that they merit an Appelation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) which mandates that only chickens of a specific breed grown in the Bresse area of the Rhone Alps can be called by this name. A smart strategy. By tying the product to a local territory, they can never be replicated in some far-away land.

These prized chickens meet their destiny, a food truck outfitted with a portable rotisserie.

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One Response to “Chagny Market – Burgundy”

  1. In Domaine de la Combotte and first stop tomorrow is the Market in Chagny. Have already visited the beautiful Poissoniere. Toinette & Baden, Cape Town – South Africa

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