Forever Young Turks


Angelina was mobbed on our Day 1. The tea salon. Not the mother of the Pitt brood. One look at the line was enough to make us head the opposite way, but I made sure we were there as soon as they opened on Day 2.

While we didn’t encounter its famous namesake, we did score at least one celebrity sighting. As my husband sipped his coffee and I tucked into my Mont Blanc, a man of medium height and width sat down at the table beside us. How could I tell he was famous?

Clue#1: Blond rooster hairdo.
Clue#2: Color coordinated tweeds in autumn hues from jacket to shoes. Yes, tweed shoes (must be British).
Clue#3: Accompanied by a leggy blonde taller than him.

I must have stared for a minute before looking at my husband questioningly.

Rod “Do You Think I’m Sexy” Stewart?

As he nodded in confirmation, I put my camera away lest I be accused of being a paparazzi disguised as a gluttonous tourist.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones gawking. Since we were seated by the window, we noticed people passing by, doing a double take before sheepishly taking a few steps back to get another glimpse of the rock star.

We didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but with our tables in such close proximity, it was impossible not to hear the conversation. Mr. Stewart and his companion wanted cappuccino. The waiter told them apologetically that Angelina’s didn’t serve cappuccino; instead, he offered to bring them espresso with steamed milk on the side.


I was expecting a show of some good old-fashioned bad-boy behavior. A tantrum would have been nice. Maybe a broken plate. I could take home shards as a souvenir. Come on, Rod, don’t let me down.

Unfortunately, the celebrity took the bad news rather well; in fact, neither, he nor his companion made a fuss. They just looked at each other and shrugged a sort of unspoken cest la vie.

Not even a four letter word. Sigh.

A third guy joined them a few minutes later and got wind of the problem. Now, he made a fuss. I’m guessing he was their manager because he quite loudly insisted that “Rod” should be able to get whatever he wants. Mr. Stewart and his companion demurred at first, murmuring a slightly embarrassed “It’s all right, really.”, but they eventually followed the man’s lead and left.

I bet they went to find a Starbucks.

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~ by Jaded Fork on January 9, 2009.

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