Covent Garden Market – London


It was two o’clock on a Friday afternoon and we were wandering around the Covent Garden Market looking for a place to eat. My husband was starting to fade despite his full breakfast earlier that morning. Unfortunately for him, the place was filled with a slow moving crowd (me included) that stopped every now and then to watch the street performers.

Strings Quartet

We first heard this string quartet before we saw them. A crowd had started to form around the railings overlooking the light-filled basement where they played. Their music was more catchy than classical (think Lone Ranger!) and they had such verve and flair, making them as fun to watch as they were to hear.

String Quartet 2

Since their make-shift stage was just in front of a pub called the Crusting Pipe, we decided we’d grab a table and have lunch while enjoying the show.


Bangers and Mash. I’m a big fan of bangers, aka cumberland sausage, because they’re chunky and fatty. I love them best simply grilled and placed in between two pieces of buttered toast. In this case, I should have asked them to hold the gravy and onions because they didn’t really have much taste.


We also got a plate of the house specialty, the finest Alderton ham (according to their menu) with salad and potatoes.

Overall, cheap decent pub grub, but jolly good entertainment. Sometimes, it’s not all about the food.

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~ by Jaded Fork on April 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Covent Garden Market – London”

  1. How fun! A yummy lunch and a show too! Perfect!

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